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Our Digital Concrete Test Hammer is full of Precision and Reliability of the latest generation, the distinctive ergonomic design, the quality of the material used. Light weighted and as easy to handle as a mechanical sclerometer, the Digital Concrete Hammer is an essential tool for the field experts. By means of a built-in operating system menu, the Digital Hammer can perform simple concrete tests while constantly recording the collected data. Testing parameters settings according to the required standards. A dedicated data card, which enables to acquire, store and analyze the collected data, allows to download them on to a PC to be further processed. Comprises: - Model: Digital Concrete Test Hammer, type N - Battery life: 60 hours - Impact energy: 2,207 Nm - Operating temperature -10 oC +65 oC - Measurement range 10-120 N/mm2 - Dimensions: 330x80x100 mm - Internal memory 20,000 index values - LCD graphic display 64x124 - Controls: icons keyboard - Interface: RS232 - Power supply, 5 rechargeable batteries LR6 1.5V 

The point load tester is used to measure rock strength in the fi eld or laboratory. A load frame, hydraulic jack and digital display are mounted on the base of a carrying case. With this point load tester, samples up to 4" (101.6mm) diameter can be tested on 2 conical points. A graduated scale indicates distance between conical points and is also used to measure specimen diameter. Applied load is digitally displayed to 0.001kN; accuracy is ±1%; range is 0 to 56kN. Display shows maximum load and will also read in lb and tons.

The dropping ball apparatus is used to measure the consistency of cement mortars, this allows a 25mmdiameter acrylic ball to fall freely from a standard height of 250mminto a brass ring mould containing a mortar specimen with a carefully prepared surface. The depth of the ball penetration into the mortar gives the specimen consistency. The apparatus consists of a dropping device mounted on a stand, acrylic ball and a 100mm diameter x 25mm deep mould. The base of the stand is machined with a Chrome finish. 

The Drum Concrete Mixer is used for efficient mixing of concrete. The 125 ltr capacity Heavy duty mixer is equipped with rubber wheels which Provide high portability.

The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer apparatus was originally developed by the TRL-UK Transport Research Laboratory. It is used for In-rapid in situ measurement of structural properties of existing road pavement constructed with unbound materials. It consists of an 8 kg weight dropping through a height of 575 mm and 60° cone having a diameter of 20 mm. DCP measurements can be made down to a depth of approximately 850 mm. Correlation’s have been established in earlier work (Van Vuuren, Klein and Van Herden, Smith and Pratt) between the TRL penetrometer and CBR (California Bearing Ratio) so that results can be interpreted and compared with CBR specifications.

121 products found
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