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The Compression and Tension Automatic Testing Machine has a range of 500 kN tension and 1000 kN compression capacity. It is designed to meet the need for reliable and consistent testing of steel rebars and concrete samples for use both in the field and laboratory. The machine consists of a very rigid frame with double-acting cylinder as- sembly to perform tension tests on steel rebars up to 22 mm dia., flat specimens up to 15mm thick and 50mm wide, compression tests on concrete cubes up to 150 mm and on cylinders up to 160x320 mm. Its Heavy Duty, high degree of ac- curacy and low cost make this machine ideal for site testing and educational purposes. 

Steel beam moulds are manufactured in accordance to dimensions and tolerances stated in the related standards. Two part and clamp attached base plate steel moulds are designed to be durable, resistant and easy to clean. We also offer Heavy Duty Plastic beam moulds which are much lighter and build to last long time. 

The Concrete Impermeability Apparatus is used for the determining of the depth of penetration of water to hardened concrete specimens under pressure. 3 and 6 specimen capacity models are available. The system can test 150x150x150 mm, 200x200x200 mm cube or 150x300mm cylinder specimens. Pressure to the sample, up to 10 bar with 0,2 bar precision is generated by way of compressed air applied to the integral water tank and controlled by a pressure regulator; with a pressure gauge. The penetration of water is measured through the burettes supplied complete with the system. The system comprises impermeability gaskets for every cell. The apparatus has to be fitted with the suitable air compressor with maximum working pressure of 10 bar. 

The Concrete Penetrometer is used for determination of setting time of the mortar fraction of fresh concrete. Comprises: The Concrete Penetrometer consists of a spring loading device which is graduated from 2 to 150lbs, Set of stainless steel needle points of 650, 325, 160, 65, 32, and 16 mm² area.

An essential tool for investigating the structural integrity of a wide rangeof materials. This new generation Concrete Ultrasonic can be used in the laboratory or on site to investigate uniformity; cavities, cracks, fire/frost damage, delamination, deteriorationand strength.It has memory storage of up to 100 sets of readings and built in RS232 serial port for download of data. Supplied with a simple software download utility kit and does not require reference bar as calibration is done by ‘zeroing’. It can calculate and display additional parameters – velocity, path length and Young’s Modulus. It can be set to any pulse repetition frequency from 1 to 100 and has pulse delay mode which allows the user to take readings at specified intervals from1 per second up to 99 hours. 

121 products found
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