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The Crack Detection Microscope is a precision apparatus, used for measuring cracks in concrete. It has its own adjustable light source for darkened conditions. The image is focused by turning a knurled knob on the side and the eyepiece scale can be rotated through 360 degrees to align with the crack under examination. The 4mm range of measurement is divided into 0.02mm divisions. 

The Curing Tank is designed for curing concrete cubes, beams and cylinders. The temperature can be set and maintained to the required value by an electric resistance incorporating a thermo regulator which maintains set temperature between ambient and 40oC with ±2oC accuracy. The tank is also supplied with a submersible circulator pump to assure good temperature uniformity. 

The Cylinder Capping Frame is used to assure plane end surfaces perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder during the capping. Base and capping plate machined from steel. Guide is machined from cast aluminium or steel. The frame comprising vertical supports mounted on a steel base. Which can be disassembles for easy machining.

The LCD graphics Data Acquisition and Controls System (DA/CS) is designed to control the machine and to process the data from linear potentiometric transducers, Load Cells, installed on the CBR machine frame. The DA/CS compatible design satisfies the ergonomic requirements for various uses. The digital graphic display allows real time Load vs. penetration graph and value readout. At the end of the test cycle the results can be stored in the large memory or to a PC by using the CBR software. Dedicated real time CBR software package is available for testing and further data processing, database management and certificate printing. Specification: •Calculates corrected CBR value at 2,5mm and 5mm •Large memory up to 100 tests •RS232 connection serial port for connecting either PC or printer for data transmission •Two analogical channels, for Load Cell Linear and potentiometer transducer 

The Apparatus is used for specific gravity determination of fresh and hardened concrete. Comprises: A purpose built robust frame designed to support the electronic balance. The lower part of the frame incorporates a moving platform, which carries the water tank allowing the test specimens to be weighed in both air and water.Specific Gravity Frame supplied complete with water tank, Buoyancy Balance, Cradle and suspension hook.  

121 products found
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