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Customer Testimonials

The Equipment was delivered completely how ordered and without any kind of defect and was installed to the full satisfaction of UNAM. We have appreciated the competency and flexibility of Geotechnical UK. During installation their engineer has also trained two technicians of UNAM in detail so that they are now able to do the test according specifications (TMH1, ASTM etc). Tests comprise the more traditional tests like Atterberg Limits up to highly sophisticated tests like e.g. triaxial testing. As live tests have been run, it could also be verified that the equipment works correctly UNAM has also been provided with operation manuals, test result sheets and demonstration videos. The verbal communication, organisation skills and multi-tasking made it possible to ensure that the entire project was completed in a timely manner. It was a pleasure for the staff of UNAM (Prof. Dr. Klaus Mueller, Monica and Kandidus) of working with Geotechnical testing equipment, their services and equipment of Geotechnical Engineering can only be recommended.