BS-1881 part 121 , ASTM C 469, ISO 1920-9, ISO 1920-10, EN 12390-13
Main features
  • Circulating pump for temp uniformity. Pace rate control from 0.01 kN/s to 100kN/s (depend on the specimen stiffness)
  • 3 analogue channels for displacement transducers, extensometers, etc.
  • built in the system as an addition to frame load cell (pressure
  • transducer) or displacement transducer
  • Instrumentation amplifiers for sensor excitation and amplification
  • 1/65.000 resolution and 1.000 Hz control for each channel
  • Ethernet port for connecting to computer
  • 240×320 pixel LCD display
  • Touchscreen operator panel
  • Can control 2 frames
  • Can execute load, displacement or strain controlled tests. For post
  • peak applications must be selected.
  • Free of charge PC software for test control and advanced report
  • printout
  • Multiple language support
  • Real time clock/ date

Data Acquisition & Control PC Software

  • Advanced Power Pack can be controlled (Start, Stop commands) by a
  • computer with the software. This software provides data acquisition and
  • management for compression, flexure and splitting tensile test throughout the
  • test execution advanced power packs.
General description

The Automatic Power Packs with Proportional Valve, are advanced power packs can be used on any testing system ideal for R&D laboratories and Universities for advanced tests with P.I.D. Closed loop control. It can perform tests under load, displacement and strain controls.

It can control up to 4 different frames. There is one load cell (or pressure transducer) input and one displacement transducer input for control. There are an extra three analogue channels for other sensors such as load cells, pressure transducers, displacement transducers etc. built in the system. The power pack automatically controls and supplies oil to the frame which is chosen by the user via the touch screen LCD digital control unit or by choosing the test type from the computer software.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0149 Advanced Servo Controlled Automatic Power Pack with Proportional Valve for 2 Frames,220-240 V 50-60 Hz or 110 V 60 Hz

CN 0150 Advanced Servo Controlled Automatic Power Pack with Proportional Valve for 4 Frames,220-240 V 50-60 Hz or 110 V 60 Hz


CN 0154 Module of elasticity

CN 0151 Compression Frame 2000KN

CN 0151-1 Compression Frame 3000KN

CN 0151-2 Compression Frame 4000KN

CN 0152 Flexural 100KN

CN0152-1 Flexural 200KN

CN 0152-2 Flexural 300KN

CN0153 Data logger 4 channel

CN 0153-1 Data logger 8 channel