EN 1097-6, 12390-7, BS 1881:114
Main features
  • A powerful two speed motor,
  • Designed for high performance coring
  • Easy up/down Transversal coring
  • Water cooling assembly
General description

The Core Drill Machine is designed to cut cores up to 200 mm diameter from concrete, asphalt, rocks and similar hard construction materials.

The machine comes complete with a vertical support column which carries the drill head/motor assembly.

The motor assembly comprises a high efficiency 6.5 Hp petrol engine or electrical engine depends on request.

A ball screw mechanism enables close control of the drilling pressure and 2 speed motor.

Manual rapid wheel mechanism is used for height drilling adjustment. A water spraying assembly is mounted on the machine for cooling of core bit.

The complete assembly is supplied on a rigid wheel mounted metal base frame with leveling and fixing facility during the operation.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0216 Core Drilling Machine


CN 0217 Coring Bit for 50 mm dia. x 400 mm length

CN 0218 Coring Bit for 75 mm dia. x 400 mm length

CN 0219 Coring Bit for 100 mm dia. x 400 mm length

CN 0220 Coring Bit for 150 mm dia. x 400 mm length

CN 0221 Coring Bit for 200 mm dia. x 400 mm length