Main features
  • Strain Guage for Static and Dynamic Applications
  • Very Flexible, Mechanically Strong
  • Small Bending Radius
  • Broad Temperature Range
  • Encapsulated for Added Durability
  • Ribbon Leads, Solder Pads, or Wire Lead Connections
  • Clear Alignment Marks
  • Affix with Cold or Hot Curing Adhesives
  • Extra Long Gages for Inhomogeneous Material
General description

Strain guage are available in a variety of different models to cover most strain measurement applications.

The rugged construction and flexibility make these general purpose strain guages suitable for static and dynamic measurement with a high degree of accuracy.

The measuring grid is formed by etching Constantan foil, which is then completely sealed in a carrier medium composed of polyimide film. Either ribbon leads or solder pad termination style strain gauges are available.

Standard strain guages have temperature coefficients matched to either steel of aluminum

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0238 Strain Gauge Surface


CN 0236 Data Acquisition

CN 0237 Connection wires