Geotechnical Testing Equipment, we have been providing our clients with the most appropriate and tailored test solutions and instrumentation for their very specific needs for over 10 years.

Our Equipment is used for both research and development, and quality control applications to test the strength, elasticity, durability and properties of building materials.

Our commitment and entrepreneurial spirit has made Geotechnical Testing Equipment a leading brand in the material testing industry. The company is both based and registered in the United Kingdom, 40 miles North of London, in Buckinghamshire.

Geotechnical Testing Equipment has enjoyed expansive growth in recent years, as a result of expanding into a global arena.

We now sell our products in more than twenty countries around the world, across all five continents. Our equipment is used for a wide range of circumstances ranging from the most advanced and developed countries, to those that are still developing. From universities where our instruments provide integrated testing tools for both undergraduate and post-graduate research, to multinational construction companies commissioning civil engineering projects, our equipment provides the solutions to a diverse range of requirements.

Although we are based in the UK, our products and spare parts can be made available to you, wherever you need them.

International customers have come to rely on Geotechnical Testing Equipment for the high level of global support we offer. We are dedicated to serving our customers around the world where we have a network of representatives and after sales service providers who can provide you with technical and after sales service, no matter where you are.

Our professional approach means that we value every customer, large or small and we are ready to support you in your search for quality equipment at a very competitive price.