Installation with our expert support and professional services, we can offer a full installation through one of our local engineers.

Being certain means everything when solving complex engineering challenges. Every test, every day, everywhere in the world, your products and your reputation depend on it.

Regular calibration of your equipment establishes the relationship between value indicated by a measuring instrument and the corresponding standard, when it is necessary to bring the test value of your equipment back within acceptable tolerances.

Allow us to provide you with the local calibration service that you require when you need it. We recommend performing annual calibration using traceable standards.

We can also offer you training on our equipment through our local service providers, please contact us for further details.

With every piece of equipment that we supply, we can offer you both an after sales service and technical support through our local representatives.

Spare parts are handled either by our UK office or by our local representatives. For further details please contact our Service and Technical Support Department.