EN 1097-8; EN 1341, 1342, 1343; BS 812-113
Main features
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General description

The Abrasion Machine is used to determine the Aggregate Abrasion Value (AAV) by testing the measure of the resistance of aggregates to surface wear by abrasion.

The Abrasion Machine consists of a flat circular cast iron grinding lap wheel of 600 mm dia. which rotates in a horizontal plane at a speed of 28-31 r.p.m.

The abrasion sand is fed across the surface of the specimen sample through a special funnel.

The machine is supplied complete with two specimen molds, two trays, two flat plates, weights, and clamps.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

AG 0119 The Aggregate Abrasion Value (AAV) Machine


AG 0119-1 Specimen Molds, 2 units

AG 0119-2 Trays, 2 units

AG 0119-3 Flat Plates, 2 units

AG 0119-4 Weights

AG 0119-5 Clamps