EN 12350-7 ASTM C231 AASHTO T152
Main features
  • Superior meter
  • Reliable device
  • Quickly and easily
  • Durability and effective
General description

The Air Entrainment Meter is used to determine air content of fresh concrete. Our air entrainment meter is one of the most precise air content measuring devices available in the market. With heat treated cast aluminum construction and cast in handles on the base, it is heavy duty, yet light weight, and easy to handle.

Our unit utilizes the best clamping system available, with large stainless steel clamp levers and a holding capacity of about 7 ltr each. This clamping system provides an easy, dependable operation.

Employing the use of a superior high volume Ultra Pump, this system makes operation efficient yet rapid.
This includes a larger more accurate pressure gauge with safety glass and bold color dial face. Color coded for entrapped and en-trained air readings.

Our equipment comes complete:

B pressure meter Calibrated Vessel, Calibration Outside Tube, Calibration Inside Tube, Strike Off Bar, Tamping Rod rounded to a hemispherical tip at both ends, Bulb Syringe, Rubber Mallet, carrying case

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0122 The Air Entrainment Meter set


CN 0122-1 B pressure meter Calibrated Vessel

CN 0122-2 Calibration Outside Tube

CN 0122-3 Strike Off Bar

CN 0122-4 Tamping Rod

CN 0122-5 Bulb Syringe

CN 0122-6 Rubber Mallet

CN 0122-7 Carrying case