EN 12390-1-2, ASTM C39, 192, AASHTO T23, T126
Main features
  • Heavy duty
General description

Steel beam molds are manufactured in accordance to dimensions and tolerances stated in the related standards.
There are two types ether heavy duty plastic or steel.

The steel beam molds are made of Two part and clamp attached base plate steel molds are designed to be durable, resistant and easy to clean.

The heavy duty plastic beam mold which are much lighter are built to last long time.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0138 Steel Beam Mold 100X100X400mm

CN 0139 Steel Beam Mold 100x100x500mm

CN 0140 Steel Beam Mold 150x150x600mm

CN 0141 Steel Beam Mold 150x150x750mm

CN 0142 Plastic Beam Mold 100X100X400mm

CN 0143 Plastic Beam Mold 100x100x500mm

CN 0144 Plastic Beam Mold 150x150x600mm

CN 0145 Plastic Beam Mold 150x150x750mm