EN 12390-8
Main features
  • Quantitative measurements of water penetration.
  • Without quantitative measurements of water penetration.
  • Accurate readings.
  • High performance clamping system.
General description

The Concrete Impermeability Apparatus is used for the determining of the depth of penetration of water to hardened concrete specimens under pressure. 3 and 6  specimen capacity models are available.

The system can test 150x150x150 mm,200x200x200 mm cube or 150x300mm cylinder specimens. Pressure to the sample, up to 10 bar with 0,2 bar precision is generated by way of compressed air applied to the integral water tank and controlled by a pressure regulator; with a pressure gauge.

The penetration of water is measured through the buttresses supplied complete with the system.

There are two main models available, It can be with or without quantitative measure. The quantitative model allows you to measure water penetration through the individual burettes. The system comprises impermeability gaskets for every cell.

The measurement apparatus is supplied as standard either in 3 or 6 sample model.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0186 Concrete impermeability apparatus with quantitative measure, for 3 places

CN 0187 Concrete impermeability, Without quantitative measure, for 3 places

CN 0188 Concrete impermeability, with quantitative measure, for 6 places

CN 0189 Concrete water impermeability, Without quantitative measure, for 6 places


CN 0186-1 Laboratory Air Compressor 15 bar, 380 V 50HZ