EN 12390-2; BS 1881-108; ASTM C157; ASTM C192
Main features
  • Durable, resistant and easy to clean.
General description

The Steel Cube Molds are manufactured from heavy duty durable material and in accordance to the dimensions and tolerances acceptable by the standard.

Each mold is numbered and tested for conformity, supplied with individual certificate. In addition, there are several models and sizes available, 2 parts and 4 parts, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.

The Tamping Rod for compacting concrete into cube molds. This rod is made of steel bar it is 25 mm square face x 380 mm long with round side handle

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0146 Cube Mold 100mm 2 parts

CN 0147 Cube Mold 100mm 4 parts

CN 0148 Cube Mold 150mm 2 parts

CN 0149 Cube Mold 150mm 4 parts

CN 0150 Cube Mold 200mm 2 parts

CN 0151 Cube Mold 200mm 4 parts

CN 0152 Concrete Tamping Rod

CN 0153 Concrete Tamping Bar