EN 12390-3 AASHTO T23 AASHTO T126 ASTM C31 ASTM C192 ASTM C617
Main features
  • Made from steel, accurately machined.
  • Protected against corrosion.
General description

The Cylinder Capping Frame is used to assure plane and surfaces perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder during the capping.

Built to last the frame comprising vertical supports mounted on a steel base which can be disassembles for easy machining.

The Cylinder Capping is used in conjunction with flake capping compound and melting pot.
The equipment comes complete with capping flame with one size capping flat to choose from.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0169 Cylinder Capping equipment complete with one size capping plate



CN 0169-1 Capping plate 75mm dia

CN 0169-2 Capping plate 100mm dia

CN 0169-3 Capping plate 150mm dia specimens

CN 0169-4 Capping plate 160mm dia
CN 0169-5 Flake Capping compound pack of 100kg