EN 13398; EN 13589, 13703; ASTM D113, D6084; AASHTO T51, AASHTO T300
Main features
  • Able to test three specimens simultaneously
  • Heating and cooling circulator digitally regulates temperatures
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Direct-drive motor maintains constant speed
  • Force ductility comes with adjustable speed
General description

The Ductility Testing Machine used for determining the ductility of bituminous materials by measuring the elongation of briquette mold with molten bitumen in it which is pulled apart at a specified speed and a specified temperature.

The test shall be made at a temperature of 25 + 0.5°C with a speed of 5 cm/min + 5.0%.

Digital Thermo regulator with over temperature alarm and probe, cooling coil, traction carriage holding molds, circulation pump for stirring the water.

The Ductility Testing Machine with Cooling Unit has the same specifications as the ductility Testing Machine but with an additional cooling unit for better temperature control

The Force Ductility Testing Machine has 3 load cells and variable speeds. The accuracy of load cells is ±0,1N with a maximum capacity of 300 N. It has a cooling unit and digital graphics display, automatic control and Data Acquisition Unit, load-displacement curves and software.

The speed can be set and load-displacement curves are drawn through the software.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

AS 0137 Ductility Testing Machine without cooling unit

AS 0138 Ductility Testing Machine with cooling unit

AS 0139 Force ductility Testing Machine with cooling unit


AS 0137-1 Ductility Briquette Mould.

AS 0137-2 Ductility Mould Base Plate