ASTM D244, D6997; EN 1431; ASHTO T59
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The Emulsified Asphalt test methods and practices cover the examination of asphalt emulsions composed principally of a semisolid or liquid asphaltic base, water, and an emulsifying agent.

Used for the determining the cutback of asphalt material by distillation method.

The Emulsified Asphalt comprises: Aluminum boiler container, connection glass tube with protection shield, glass condenser for water circulation, 2 thermomaters ASTM 7C range -2 to +300°C, gas ring burner with gas stop valve controlled by a flame sensor. 100ml graduated cylinder, supporting ring, bases with rods.

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AS 0203 Emulsified Asphalt Apparatus

AS 0204 Thermometer ASTM 7°C pack of 2