ISO 6892-1, 527-2, 527-4, 527-5, 10113; ASTM E8, E9, D3039, D638, A370, D3552, E517, E646
Main features
  • Applied directly to the specimen up to the failure
  • Measures extension of both elastic and plastic stage
  • The high precision electronic transducer
  • 2 model dedicated to rebars
  • 1 model dedicated to strands
General description

Extensometers used for measuring the extension of specimens in traction, particularly in the case of steel and brittle materials, are only able to detect strain during the first stage of the test, or rather, while the brittle materials conserve their elasticity as they have to be disconnected before failure. This simple and economic system fully satisfy these requirements because:

It is applied directly to the specimen
It remains connected until breakage
It measures extensions with high precision of both elastic and plastic stage and with the appropriate simple adjustment, it is connectable to almost all testing machines.

The extensometers are basically made by 2 clamping devices and a middle tubular steel part determining the gauge length of 200 mm.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

ST 0113 Coaxial electronic extensometer for round specimens from 16 to 40 mm dia.
ST 0114 Coaxial electronic extensometer for round specimens from 4 to 26 mm dia.
ST 0115 Coaxial electronic extensometer to measure the elongation of strand wires up to failure.