EN 12697 – 31; ASTM D6925; AASHTO T312; TEX 241-F; SHRP M002
Main features
  • Designed to compact asphalt specimens
  • Handles soils, emulsions, and concrete
  • User-friendly, reliable, durable, and well supported
  • Compact material at a constant consolidation pressure, a constant angle of gyration, and a fixed speed of gyration using an electromechanical system
  • Users can set the consolidation pressure, the angle of gyration parameters, and the mode of operation via the control panel
  • It can boast an integrated computer control system, a control panel with a display, two USB ports and an Ethernet jack
  • A completely enclosed compaction chamber and an integrated angle of gyration measurement system
    Standard / Compliance: AASHTO T312, ASTM D6925
General description

Gyratory compaction is considered to be one of the best methods of laboratory compaction for the assessment of compatibility and the manufacture of test specimens.
Compaction is achieved by the application of vertical stress (normally 600KPa) via end platens to a known mass of asphaltic
mixture within a 100 or 150mm internal Ø mould. The longitudinal axis of the mould is rotated (gyrated) at a fixed angle to the vertical whilst the platens are kept parallel and horizontal.
During compaction, the height of the sample is automatically measured and both the mixture density and void content calculated. The compaction data is shown on-screen in a graphical and tabular format as compaction progresses and it is
also saved as a Microsoft Excel™compatible format.

The operator can choose whether to compact for a certain number of gyrations or until a target mixture density or void content is achieved.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

SP0120 Superpave Gyratory Compactor, to produce asphalt 1.00 mix samples 100 and 150 mm diameter, up to 300
mm height, according to ASTM D6925, SHRP M-002, AASHTO T312 EN 12697-31 and EN12697-10.
Specimen Extruder
Shear force display
Specimen temperature monitoring + Desk PC & Software
Traceable calibration certificate
Accessories to be purchased separately.


SP0121 150mm internal diam mould & platens

SP0122 Spacer 150mm to compact 50mm height

SP0123 100mm internal diam mould & platens

SP0124 Spacer 100mm to compact 38mm height