BS 4550; ASTM C186; BS 1370; EN 196-8
Main features
  • Resolution 0.001°C
  • Displays, saves and prints
  • PT100 probe measuring range -40 to +300°C
General description

This Apparatus is used to determine the heat of hydration of low heat cement as expressed in calories per gram. When Portland or hydraulic cement is mixed with water, heat is generated as a result of the exothermic reaction. The heat generated by cement’s hydration raises the temperature of concrete and this temperature rise causes expansion while concrete is hardening.

The apparatus consists of a Dewar flask housed in an insulated box, an electric stirrer, a filler funnel and a high resolution thermometer.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CM 0155 Heat of Hydration apparatus complete.


CM 0156 Beckman centesimal glass mercury thermometer, or:
CM 0157 Digital Thermometer. Resolution: 0,01°C. Complete with probe, or:
CM 0157-1 Digital Thermometer.Resolution: 0,001°C.
– Memory for 10000 readings
– Displays, stores and prints: min, max, mean values, delta T
– Alarm if limit values are exceeded
– Battery operated
CM 0157-2 Propeller, conforming to ASTM C186 Specifications, or:
CM 0157-3 Propeller, conforming to EN 196-8 Specifications.
CM 0157-4 Paraffin wax with melting point 55°C to coat the glass parts which are in contact with the hydrofluoric acid.
CM 0157-5 Dewar flask
CM 0158-6 Filler glass funnel