BS 6463; EN 196-3; EN 459-2; EN ISO 9597
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Le Chatelier Mold is used for determining the expansion of cement. The mold consists of a spring tensioned split cylinder 30 mm internal diameter, 30 mm high with two indicator stems which measure 165 mm from the points of the center line of the cylinder and O ring.

Two or three molds are required for each test. To perform the test, a water bath is also required.

The kit includes all accessories to perform the test to verify the conformity of the molds.

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Technical specifications

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CM 0104 Le Chatelier Mold.

CM 0105 Le Chatelier Mold. Pack of 6 units.

CM 0106 Le Chatelier soundness kit.


CM 0104-1 Glass plates, 50 mm sq.

CM 0104-2 100 g weights