EN 932-5, 1097-5, ASTM C 127- C136-D558, D559, D560,D698, D1557, D1559 BS 1377:1-1924:11
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The Geotechnical Laboratory Ovens offer a range of highly efficient, reliable, cost effective units to suit most drying, warming and general laboratory applications.

The exterior is constructed from sheet steel finished in an easy clean powder coated paint. The interior chamber is made from mild steel coated with aluminium (CLAD) with a stainless steel chamber available as an option.

Fitted with fixed shelf runners and removable chrome plated wire grid shelves. Heated by Incoloy sheathed elements positioned below the chamber floor for natural convection units and fitted around the fan on the back or side wall of the chamber for mechanical convection units.

The control system comprises of a Digital thermometer with thermostatically controlled units Microprocessor digital controller.

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Technical specifications

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GN 0125 Drying Ovens 30Ltr.

GN 0126 Drying Ovens 50Ltr.

GN 0127 Drying Ovens 120Ltr. 40-250C.

GN 0128 Drying Ovens 120Ltr. 40-300C.

GN 0129 Drying Ovens 250Ltr. 40-250C.

GN 0130 Drying Ovens 250Ltr. 40-300C.

GN 0131 Drying Ovens 500Ltr.40-250C

GN 0132 Drying Ovens 500Ltr.40-300C.

GN 0133 Drying Ovens 700Ltr.40-250C

GN 0134 Drying Ovens 700Ltr.40-300C.



GN 0125-1 Shelve for 30ltr oven
GN 0126-1 Shelve for 50ltr oven
GN 0127-1 Shelve for 120ltr oven
GN 0129-1 Shelve for 250ltr oven

GN 0131-1 Shelve for 500ltr oven
GN 0133-1 Shelve for 700ltr oven