EN 12697-27
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The Heavy Duty Core Drill Machine is designed to minimize the time required for cutting cores up to 150 mm diameter from concrete, asphalt and similar hard construction material.

This Core Drill is capable of handling large and small hole with stable drilling platform and dependable performance while increasing the bit life. Heavy-duty, dual-precision ground columns and tin alloy precision-machined carriage assembly Smooth-precision ball feed screw system, accurate hole drilling positioning and easy alignment of drill platform.

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GN 0137 Core Drill with Platform, Petrol Engine 6.0 HP Weight 140Kg, complete with core bit

GN 0138 Core Drill with Platform, Petrol Engine 10.5 HP, Weight 160Kg, complete with core bit


GN 0137-1 Core Bit, 50 mm dia

GN 0137-2 Core Bit, 100 mm dia

GN 0137-3 Core Bit, 150 mm dia