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Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer

Heating temperature up to 280°C
Stainless steel with ceramic coated hotplate for high chemical resistance
Speed Range 100-1500rpm
Built-in plate temperature probe
External temperature sensor increases accuracy to ±0.5°C
LED display of temperature and speed.
50oC HOT warning indicator for added safety (the indicator will still operate even after the unit is switched off).
ABS casing with fire retardant material, resistant to weak acid and alkali


340 Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

In addition to the above, the 340H magnetic hotplate stirrer also features:

Heating temperature up to 340°C
Stainless Steel top plate
Speed Range 100-1500rpm
Easy-to-read backlit LCD display
PC control

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GN 0272 280 Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer

GN 0273 340 Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

GN 0274 380 Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

GN 0275 550H Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

GN 0276 100H-10 Multi Position Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer