EN 12697-10-9-32; EN 13286-4 BS 1924:2 BS 1377:4
Main features
  • Constant speed with variable speed control
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Soft grip and shock-absorbing handle
  • Easy to change tool by single-step holder
  • Functional and robust design
General description

The Percentage Refusal Density is mainly used for the P.R.D. Percentage refusal density test as well as the compaction of Proctor, CBR soil specimens. as it provides an alternative method for the compaction of soil samples in the determination of dry density/moisture content relation.

The set comes complete with the Percentage Refusal Density, supporting frame, 2 size tamping foot (Small, 102 mm dia. Large , 146 mm dia.). extension shank 300mm. P.R.D. Split mould and
baseplat, 1 pcs.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

AS 0233 Percentage Refusal Density complete with accessories

AS 0234 Helding frame


AS 0235 Split Mold and Baseplate

AS 0236 Vibrating Hammer

AS 0237 Small Tamping Foot 102 mm dia

AS 0238 Large Tamping Foot 146 mm Dia

AS 0239 300mm Shank, For Tamping foot