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The Solvent Recovery Unit is used to recover the solvent liquid after its use for the extraction tests. This unit has been designed to recover non-flammable solvents and consists of two stainless steel
chambers, one for dirty solvent and the other for the cleaning solvent.

An electric heater in the left-hand chamber distils the solvent, which then passes through a water cooling system and drops into the second chamber ready for re-use
in a new test. Once the process is completed, a temperature switch automatically stops the heating elements.

Supplied complete with:
10 m plastic tube, tube clamps, sieve insert 0.6 mm opening and one lid. Particularly useful to recover solvent used with the Paper filter extractor, Wire mesh extractor, Kumagawa extractor, Reflux extractors, Filterless centrifuge binder extractors.

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AS 0162 Solvent Recovery Unit, 10 l/h. 230V, 50-60 Hz, 1ph