EN 1097-6, 12390-7, BS 1881:114
Main features
  • Under-bench weighing facility
  • Robust frame.
General description

Specific Gravity Frame is used in conjunction with electronic balance for specific gravity or density determination of hardened concrete and aggregates.

Consisting of a purpose built robust frame designed to support the electronic balance. The lower part of the frame incorporates a moving platform, which carries the water tank allowing the test specimens to be weighed in both air and water.

There are 3 choices of balances to choose from with different capacities.

Supplied complete with Cradle, Density Basket, hook and water tank .

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0123 Specific Gravity Frame supplied complete


CN 0123-1 Cradle and suspension hook

CN 0123-2 Water Tank

CN 0123-3 Density Basket

CN 0123-4 Buoyancy Balance, 15kg x 0.5g

CN 0123-5 Buoyancy Balance, 6kg x 0.01g

CN 0123-6 Buoyancy Balance, 32kg x 1 g