BS 812, ASTM D4944, AASHTO T217
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The moisture content can be determined using the Moisture tester based on the calcium carbide method.

The soil sample is introduced in the bottle with the reagent. The water reacts with calcium carbide and develops a gas pressure, which is indicated on the manometer and easily converted in the percentage of moisture.

It is possible to vary the sample weight from 3 to 100 g for the complete reaction between sample and carbide with accurate moisture measurements from 0 to over 20%.

The glass ampoule containing the calcium carbide is broken when the bottle is closed and shaken, granting better accuracy to the test.

The instrument comprises the testing bottle with manometer, small balance, 20 ampoules of reagent, accessories, case.

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SL 0717 Small Carbide Meter, 10 gr sample

SL 0718 Medium Carbide Meter, 20 gr sample

SL 0719 Large Carbide Meter, 50 gr sample



SL 0717-1 Calcium Carbide reagent ampoules pack of 100 pieces