EN 196-1, 196-3, 413-2, 459-2, 480-1, 1015-2, 12617-4; ASTM C187, C305; AASHTO T129, T131, T162
Main features
General description

The Automatic Mortar Mixer is used to combine mortars and cement pastes to the requirement of standards. The mixing paddle has a planetary motion and is operated by a motor.

The motor has microprocessor-based speed and preset programs to meet all listed EN and ASTM standards, custom designed programs or manual mode.

The machine has a mode button, which the operator can use to switch between programs. The mixing paddle has a revolving rate of 140 r.p.m at low speed. At high speed, the revolving rate of the paddle increases to 285 r.p.m and has a planetary motion of 125 r.p.m.

The mixer is supplied complete with an automatic sand dispenser. After 30 seconds, the sand is automatically released. The operator can choose between 6 different programs, where the sand dispenser position, motor speed, and duration of the mix can all be set differently. The mixing time is shown on the display.

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Technical specifications

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CM 0129 Automatic Mortar Mixer 5ltr complete set

CM 0130 Automatic Mortar Mixer 10ltr complete set



CM 0129-1 Automatic sand dispenser
CM 0129-2 Mixing Bowl 5 ltr
CM 0129-3 Mixing Bowl 10 tr, stainless steel complies with EN 196
CM 0129-4 Paddle 5 Hv
CM 0129-5 Paddle 10 Hv
CM 0129-6  Scraper