EN 196-3; 13454-2; ASTM C187; C191; AASHTO T129; T131
Main features
General description

Vicat Apparatus is used for determining the setting time and consistency of cement by the Vicat Method.

The Vicat Apparatus set is complete with Initial Set Needle, Final Set Needle, Vicat mold, Vicat Thermometer, Glass Plate and a  consistency Plunger.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CM 0113 Vicat apparatus complete set.


CM 0113-1 Initial Set Needle 1.13 mm dia., EN

CM 0113-2 Final Set Needle 1.13 mm dia., EN

CM 0113-3 Initial Set Needle 1 mm dia., ASTM

CM 0113-4 Vicat Mold, EN

CM 0113-5 Vicat Mold, ASTM

CM 0113-6 Vicat Thermometer

CM 0113-7 Glass Plate

CM 0113-8 Consistency Plunger