Construction Scan

Main features
  • All-in-one GPR system
  • 5″ colour display
  • 3D Visualization
  • Built-in USB interface
  • Internal 2GB flash memory card
  • Detachable SD-card
  • Guiding laser
  • Data collection grids (3D system)
  • Built-in bar code reader
  • Quickly-detachable Li-io battery 15V
General description

The Construction Scan is used for Detection and location of different defects in reinforced concrete such as Cells, cavities Foreign inclusions, Cracks, layering, it determines the reinforcement specifications such as Size Occurrence depth, Degree of corrosion, detect the buried wiring, cables and communications lines, the plastic and metal pipelines, the heterogeneities, anomalies and other buried in solid environment (which wood, brick, reinforced concrete, building constructions, soil, etc). It
also Discover the ventilation and communication channels and Detect shelters and covered-up holes.

Construction Scan includes a control processing unit, LCD display, the antenna unit and a power supply unit in one enclosure.
The control processing unit provides processing, displaying and saving of the scanning results. The apparatus accumulates information in the internal 2 GB Flash memory card and transfers it to the PC via the USB interface. There is a special marking rug with a bar code for precision 3D scanning of

ArmScan 3D
Specialized software ArmScan is a new solution for automated location of reinforcement, cables, pipes. The software allows users to build the utilities (reinforcement, pipes, etc) in 3D. the user can locate defects, different anomalies and other objects.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0192 Construction scan model 1

CN 0193 Construction scan model 2