BS 1881, Part 204; DIN 1045; SN 505262; SS 78-B4; BS 1881-204
Main features
  • All features available on the touchscreen unit are also implemented on the PC
  • Create custom reports with exported graphs and charts
  • Support for the merging of several corrosion scans into a single graph
  • Picture and table export (csv files)
General description

The Profometer 630 is the all-in-one solution for rebar assessment and corrosion analysis which increase productivity for civil engineers and inspection companies in charge of assessing the conformity of concrete cover of a new structure (quality check and fire resistance assessment) or dealing with corrosion analysis on Large elements.

Profometer Link PC tool is included with all Profometer Cover Meter and Corrosion units. It is based on an integrated suite enabling the user to process the data coming from rebar detection / concrete cover as well as corrosion potential measurement. The Profometer units can be connected to the PC via USB and the software is fully compatible

Consisting of Profometer touchscreen, universal probe with ruggedized scan cart, probe cable 1.5 m (5 ft), power supply, USB cable, chalk, DVD with software, documentation, carrying strap and carrying case

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Technical specifications

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CN 0204 Profometer 630 complete