BS 1881-206
Main features
  • Manual single axis measurement of change in cracks
  • Able to measure distance between two measurement points to a precision of 1 micron.
General description

The mechanical strain gauge allows strain measurement to be made at different parts of a structure using a single instrument comes with a digital gauge.

A fixed conical point is mounted at one end of the bar, and a moving conical point is mounted on a knife edge pivot at the opposite end. A setting out bar is used to position pre-drilled stainless steel discs which are attached to the structure using a suitable adhesive.

The mechanical strain gauge is available in several sizes 100, 150 200, 250 and 300 mm .

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0208 Mechanical strain gauge 100 mm

CN 0209 Mechanical strain gauge 150mm

CN 0210 Mechanical strain gauge 200mm

CN 0211 Mechanical strain gauge 250mm

CN 0212 Mechanical strain gauge 300mm