EN 12390-8
Main features
  • The water absorption set is used for on-site evaluation
General description

The Water Absorption set measures the penetration of water into the test surface under an applied pressure, can be used to determine the water penetration characteristics of alternative concrete mixtures or surface sealers and also for in-place testing to demonstrate the characteristics of concrete level of permeation.

The water absorption kit comes complete with :

Pressure chamber unit with 0-1.5 bar* gauge Wrench for pressure lid, Extra 0-6.0, bar gauge, Water filling cup, Adjustable clamping suppliers, Set of anchoring tools, Wrenches: 14 and 17 mm,

Sealant tape, Bottles with boiled water, Gaskets, 10 mm thick, Gaskets, 15 mm thick.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0233 Water Absorption Kit


CN 0234 Pressure chamber unit with 0-1.5 bar* gauge

CN 0235 Wrench for pressure lid

CN 0236 Extra 0-6.0 bar gauge