ASTM D88; AASHTO T72; ASTM D7496; D445, D446, D2270
Main features
  • Working temperature from ambient to +70°C
  • Transparent tank
  • Cover with 5 or 7 holes 51 mm
General description

The Digital Viscometer Bath is used for measuring oils viscosity by Cannon-Fenske, Ubbelohde, and similar capillary.

Working temperature from ambient to 150°C ±0.1°.
Borosilicate tank, cover with 5 holes 50.8mm, stainless steel control box on the cover.

Digital thermoregulator PID with over temperature alarm and probe, cooling coil for improved control near to ambient temperature, stainless steel heater, motor stirrer, with stand-by stainless steel covers, protection Lexan jacket.

The Large Digital Viscometer Bath Structure is made of stainless steel, cover with 5 holes or 7 holes, 50.8mm, temperature control by digital thermoregulator PID stability ±0.02°C and display resolution 0.01°, adjustable high and low-temperature cut-out, low-level liquid alarm, cooling coil, stand-by stainless steel covers, light.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

AS 0143 The digital viscometer bath

AS 0144 The large digital viscometer bath


AS 0143-1 Silicone oil – Kinematic viscosity 50 mm2/s at 25°C, can of 25 liters

AS 0143-2 Viscometer holders PTFE for Cannon-Fenske, pack of 5 pcs.

AS 0143-3 Viscometer holders in metal for Ubbelohde pack of 5.

AS 0143-4 Digital stopwatch