ASTM standard D7113 and AASHTO T 343-12
Main features
  • Full Color VGA display
  • Customizable Project Entries
  • Customizable Material Entries
  • Diagnostics reading mode
General description

The Electrical Density Gauge measures pavement density indirectly by measuring its dielectric constant. The function is created by a small current that passes through the pavement and creates an electrical sensing field.

Density is measured by the response of this electrical sensing field to changes in the pavement’s complex impedance (consisting of the pavement’s composite resistivity and dielectric constant).

The advantage of using the electrical density gauge is that the readings can be obtained in seconds.
It contains no radioactive source and therefore not subject to radiological controls. More effective cost control, no licensing or special training needed, easier to use, light in weight.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

SL 0769 Electrical Density Gauge for soil

SL 0770 Electrical Density Gauge for asphalt