BS 598-107, 1377-1, 1924-1, EN 12697-35
Main features
  • Uniform mixing
  • Direct gear drive transmission
  • Three speeds set
  • Control lever
General description

This Laboratory Mixer is suitable for sample preparation of soils, bituminous concrete and cement mortars.

The Laboratory mixer is a planetary beater type, where the flat beaters rotate in the opposite direction to the orbit around the inside of the mixing bowl.

The hand lever can raise, lower and lock the bowl at the desired position. Adjustment is allowed for proper clearance between the bowl and the beater.

It is available in several sizes :
5, 7.5, 10, 20, 30 ltrs.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

SL 0126 Laboratory Mixer 5 ltrs

SL 0127 Laboratory Mixer 7.5 ltrs

SL 0128 Laboratory Mixer 10 ltrs

SL 0129 Laboratory Mixer 20 ltrs

SL 0130 Laboratory Mixer 30 ltrs


SL 0126-1 Spare Stainless Bowl 5 ltrs

SL 0127-1 Spare Stainless Bowl 7.5 ltrs

SL 0128-1 Spare Stainless Bowl 10 ltrs

SL 0129-1 Spare Stainless Bowl 20 ltrs

SL 0130-1 Spare Stainless Bowl 30 ltrs