Grout Flow Cones and Sets

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Grout Flow Cones measure the flowability of hydraulic grout used in pre-placed aggregate concrete. Flowability is measured by time of discharge of a 1.725L sample of grout through an 12.7mm dia. discharge tube orifice from the cone.
The cast aluminum Flow Cones all come with an adjustable point gauge assembly to indicate initial sample level.
Grout Flow Cone Set has a 12.7mm dia Orifice already installed, and a 3-Legged Steel Support Stand, and 2L stainless steel Beaker for use as a receiving container.

Grout Flow Cone Set has a 19mm Orifice to be used with alternate test methods.

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CN 0117 The Grout Flow Cone


CN 0107-1 12.7mm Orifice
CN 0107-2 19mm Orifice
CN 0107-3 Steel Stand