EN 12390-1; ASTM C78, C293, C39,192
Main features
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to clean
General description

Our Plastic Cube and Cylinder Mold is manufactured from rigid high quality plastic that is weather resistant and has an unlimited shelf life.

Cured specimens can easily be domolded from the mold.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0138 Plastic Cube Mold 150mm 1gang-standard density g. 1,200

CN 0139 Plastic Cube Mold 150mm 1gang – high density g. 1,700

CN 0140 Plastic Cube Mold 100mm. 2 gang

CN 0141 Plastic Cube Mold 150mm with steel base and handle

CN 0142 Plastic Cylindrical Mold 150x300mm.

CN 0143 Plastic Cylindrical Mold 160x320mm.

CN 0144 Plastic Cylindrical Mold 100x200mm.