BS 1881-203, EN 12504-4;ASTM C597
Main features
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Color LCD background changes according to measurement mode
  • Perfect in thick and attentive materials
  • It is possible to connect 2 to 16 transducers
  • Rugged Aluminium case
General description

The Velocity of Ultrasonic wave in concrete is affected by elastic property or strength.

The equipment applies high voltage and sends it to transit transducer to generate ultrasonic wave.
This ultrasonic wave reaches to the receive transducer through concrete. When elastic property or strength of concrete is high, the transit time is short.
On the other hand, when the materials are contrary, the velocity is low.

The instrument measures the ultrasonic transit time accurately so it makes possible to evaluate a material or find elastic properties non-destructively to investigate uniformity, cavities, cracks, fire/frost damage, declamation, deterioration and strength.

It uses 54 kHz concrete transducers which were designed to send and receive ultrasonic signal effectively in highly attentive materials, including concrete, wood, stone and plastic.

The Ultrasonic equipment contains:
The main machine
A pair of 54 kHz UT Transducer
RG 58 cable with BNC to XTR-9 Connector
Ultrasonic Couplant
Reference Block
Instruction Manual
Portable Aluminum Bag

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Ordering info

CN 0207 Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity


CN 0207-1 A pair of 54 kHz UT Transducer

CN 0207-2 RG 58 cable with BNC to XTR-9 Connector

CN 0207-3 Ultrasonic Couplant

CN 0207-4  Reference Block