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The Water Cement analyser precise measurement of the water content of fresh concrete mixtures. As a user, you will obtain not only the per cent moisture value but also the water content in litre per m 3 by considering the mass density entered by hand inside the measurement

Determination of the radar-based electrical conductivity which allows an evaluation of the used cement type. As a user, you can thus quickly see what is going on concerning the used cement type and if this value corresponds to the expected exposure class.
Simply place the innovative lance probe model 1 inside the fresh concrete. After 4 to 5 single measurements with the measuring device, an automatic averaging ensures precise results within 1 to 2 minutes – directly on site.
The Water Cement Analyser is delivered with a universal calibration that provides reliable results for most used concrete types. It is possible to adjust the measuring device with a correction value for measuring special concrete types like fibre concrete.

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CN 0105 Water Cement Analyser



CN 0105-1 Measuring device