EN 196-3; 13454-2; ASTM C187; C191; AASHTO T129; T131
Main features
  • Transfer each single control or function of the Vicat on the PC
  • Verify in real time each phase of the test
  • Automatically download the final results
General description

The Automatic Vicat apparatus is used to determine the setting time and consistency of the cement mortar by using the Vicat method. The penetration depth is measured by a sensor with a 0.1mm resolution.

Along with hardening process development, the penetration depth decreases when it matches some thresholds pre-defined by standards initial and final setting times are measured and recorded.

The entire test is made in a fully automatic cycle and provides precise and repeatable results. The results are then printed on the integrated printer.
The Automatic Vicat apparatus consists of Windows Software and RS232 Cable, Consistency plunger, Initial needle, Final needle, and Mold.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CM 0114 Automatic Vicat Apparatus complete set


CM 0114-1 Consistency plunger

CM 0114-2 Initial needle, 1.13 mm dia EN

CM 0114-3 Final needle, 1.13 mm dia EN

CM 0114-4 Initial needle, 1.13 mm dia ASTM

CM 0114-5 Final needle, 1.13 mm dia ASTM

CM 0114-6 Needle cleaning Device

CM 0114-7 Windows Software and RS232 Cable

CM 0114-8 Printer Paper rolls, pack of 10

CM 0114-9 Mold Tank

CM 0114-10 Thermostatically-controlled heating/cooling system, for testing samples under water as per EN 196-3