ASTM C230; EN 459-2, 1015-3, 1015-9, 13395-1; BS 4551-1, 3892-1
Main features
  • The models are manufactured from high quality brass
General description

There are two models of the Cement Flow Table, Both are used for determining the consistency of mortar, lime and cement specimens.

The Manual hand operated model is fitted with a hand wheel. While the motor operated model is driven by a motor speed reducer through a mechanical coupling at the rate of 1 revolution per second. The number of drops is preset on a counter and the machine stops automatically at the end of the cycle.

Two models are available EN or ASTM model each is manufactured according to standard specification.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CM 0118 Cement Flow Table ASTM, metric

CM 0119 Motorized Cement Flow Table ASTM, 220-240 V 50 Hz

CM 0118-1 Cement Flow Table EN

CM 0119-1 Motorized Cement Flow Table EN, 220-240 V 50 Hz


CM 0120 Cement Flow Mold ASTM

CM 0121 Tamper ASTM

CM 0122 Cement Flow Mold EN

CM 0123 Tamper EN