EN 196-21; ASTM C 114
Main features
  • Designed for industrial analysis
  • Supplied with Na, K, Li, Ba and Ca filters
  • Low temperature, single channel
  • Flame failure safety system
  • Operates with propane, butane, natural gas or LPG
General description

The Flame Photometer is a device is used in inorganic chemical analysis to determine the concentration of certain metal Ions, among them Sodium, Potassium, Lithium, Barium and Calcium.

In principle, it is a controlled flame test with the intensity of the flame color quantified by photoelectric circuitry.

The instrument is fitted with automatic flame failure detection for user safety, making it ideal for use in laboratory, industrial sites and educational applications.

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Ordering info

CM 0172 Flame Photometer supplied complete with Na, K, Ba, Ca and Li filters, connecting hoses and clips, compressor plug and drain trap


CM 0172-1 Calcium filter

CM 0172-2 Lithium filter

CM 0173-3 Barium filter