EN 1367–4, 12617–4, 12808-4; ASTM C151, C157, C227, C311, C341, C342, C441,C452, C490, C531, C596, C806, C878; BS 1881:5, 6073
Main features
General description

Cement Shrinkage Test Machine Length Comparators are used to determine the length changes on different type of cement prisms.

The set consists of a length measuring frame with measuring device attached to it. There are 2 models available either with dial gauge or with transducer and data logger.

Cement Shrinkage test set comprise of main apparatus and reference rod.


Steel inserts, Reference rod and molds should be ordered separately according to standard.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CM 0119 Cement Shrinkage Test Set with dial gauge

CM 0120 Cement Shrinkage Test Set with transducer


CM 0119-1 Digital Dial gauge 0.001 mm x 20 mm

CM 0119-2 Reference Rod 160 mm EN 12617-4

CM 0119-3  Reference Rod 205 mm EN 13617-4

CM 0119-4 Reference Rod 305 mm ASTM C490

CM 0119-5 Three gang Prism mold 40x40x160 mm EN 12617-4

CM 0119-6 Three gang Prism mold 50x50x2000 mm

CM 0119-7 Two gang Prism mold 25x25x285 mm to ASTM C490

CM 0119-8 Steel inserts, 10 pieces

CM 0119-9 Transducer, 20mm

CM 0119-10 Data Loger