ASTM E2835-11; TP-BF-StB part 8.3; ZTV E-StB 09; ZTV T-StB 95; ZTV A- StB 97; RVS 8; RIL 836
Main features
  • Fast and cost-saving: maximum of 2 minutes per measuring point
  • No vehicle required
  • Immediate on-site evaluation of test results
  • It can be easily operated and carried by one person only
  • Testing can be achieved in difficult to reach locations
General description

The dynamic plate load test performed with the Lightweight deflectometer is used to determine the soil bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils and non-cohesive subbases, as well as for soil improvement applications.

Built-in soil layers can easily be tested without load abutment, facilitating quick assessments of test lots even under limited space conditions.

The test method is suited to coarse-grain and mixed grain soils with a maximum grain size of 63mm and can be used to determine the dynamic modulus of deformation of soil in the range Evd = 15 to 70 MN/m².

– Road and railway construction, earthmoving
– Quality assurance in canal construction
– Compaction monitoring in pipe trenches and cable ducts
– Testing of pavement bedding
– Testing of foundation backfill
– Quality inspection in boreholes
– Testing of modulus of deformation in line with soil exploration

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

SL 0114 Lightweight deflectometer used to determine the bearing capacity
and compaction quality of soils and non-cohesive subbases. Printer &


SL 0114-1 Transport cart for easier on-site transport of the Lightweight
deflectometer between the measuring points

SL 0114-2 Magnetic base plate for proper positioning of a loading unit
SL 0114-3 Carrying case for secure transport of the Lightweight deflectometer