Main features
  • Stainless steal
  • Easy to users
General description

The Power Auger Head makes it easy to quickly dig holes for fence posts, signs, landscaping and soil sampling.

The Power Auger Head has an Ergonomic designed for optimum comfort.

It comes with a 4.5 KW two stroke engine, equipped with a lever preventing accidental acceleration and a Quick-fit spigot-socket coupler for swift attachment, replacement of bits and 3 Augers 4’, 6’ 10’.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

SL 0107 Power Auger Head complete


SL 0107-1 Auger 60 mm dia x 1 m long

SL 0107-2 Auger 80 mm dia x 1 m long

SL 0107-3 Auger 100 mm dia x 1 m long

SL 0107-4 Auger 150 mm dia x 1 m long

SL 0107-5 Auger 200 mm dia x 1 m long

SL 0107-6 Extension rod