BS 1881-203, EN 12504-4; ASTM C597
Main features
  • Measurement performance
  • Integrated waveform display
  • On-line data acquisition
  • USB interface and data analysis software
General description

An essential tool for investigating the structural integrity of a wide range of materials. This new generation Concrete Ultrasonic can be used in the laboratory or on site to investigate uniformity; cavities, cracks, fire/frost damage, declamation, deterioration and strength.

It has memory storage of up to 100 sets of readings and built in RS232 serial port for download of data.

Supplied with a simple software download utility kit and does not require reference bar as calibration is done by‘zeroing’. It can calculate and display additional parameters – velocity, pathlength and Young’s Modulus. It can beset to any pulse repetition frequency from 1 to 100 and has pulse delay mode which allows the user to take readings at specified intervals from 1 per second up
to 99 hours.

Pundit Lab consisting of: Display unit, 2 transducers (54kHz),2 BNC cables 1.5 m, couplant, calibration rod, battery charger with USB-cable, 4x AA(LR6) batteries, data carrier with software, documentation and carrying

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Ordering info

CN 0243 Ultrasonic Apparatus, Pundit Lab


CN 0244 Transducer 24 kHz (Two required for operation)

CN 0245 Transducer 54 kHz (Two required for operation)

CN 0246 Transducer 150 kHz (Two required for operation)