BS 1881-203, EN 12504-4; ASTM C597
Main features
  • Measurement performance
  • Integrated waveform display
  • On-line data acquisition
  • USB interface and data analysis software
General description

An essential tool for investigating the structural integrity of a wide range of materials. This new generation Concrete Ultrasonic can be used in the laboratory or on site to investigate uniformity; cavities, cracks, fire/frost damage, declamation, deterioration and strength.

It has memory storage of up to 100 sets of readings and built in RS232 serial port for download of data.

Supplied with a simple software download utility kit and does not require reference bar as calibration is done by‘zeroing’. It can calculate and display additional parameters – velocity, pathlength and Young’s Modulus. It can be set to any pulse repetition frequency from 1 to 100 and has pulse delay mode which allows the user to take readings at specified intervals from 1 per second up to 99 hours.

Pundit Lab consisting of: Display unit, 2 transducers (54kHz),2 BNC cables 1.5 m, couplant, calibration rod, battery charger with USB-cable, 4x AA(LR6) batteries, data carrier with software, documentation and carrying case.

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Ordering info

CN 0198 Ultrasonic Apparatus, Pundit Lab


CN 0198-1 Transducer 24 kHz (Two required for operation)

CN 0198-2 Transducer 54 kHz (Two required for operation)

CN 0198-3 Transducer 150 kHz (Two required for operation)