AASHTO T 358 Provisional Standard TP 95-11
Main features
  • Easy to use, little training required
  • Delivers fast, accurate measurement results
  • Wide range of resistance measurement, 1 to 1000 kΩcm
  • Dedicated Windows-based software
  • Charger connects to standard USB computer or laptop ports
General description

Surface resistivity measurement provides extremely useful information about the state of a concrete structure. Not only has it been proven to be directly linked to the likelihood of corrosion and the corrosion rate, recent studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between resistivity and chloride diffusion rate.

ResiPod is a fully integrated 4-point Wenner probe, designed to perform concrete resistivity measurement in a completely non-destructive test. It is the most accurate instrument available, extremely fast and stable and packaged in a robust, waterproof housing designed to operate in a demanding site environment.

Resipod Concrete Resistivity Meter has probe spacing fixed at 38mm as required in AASHTO T 358.or 50mm probe spacing. The wider spacing allows a greater sampling size, but is still narrow enough to avoid interference from reinforcing steel in most cases.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0205 Resipod resistivity meter complete 38mm Probe Spacing

CN 0206 Resipod resistivity meter complete 50mm Probe Spacing


CN 0205-1 Geometric Accessory (4-Probe Wenner Array Attachment) with adjustable spacing for testing different types of concrete samples and mix designs

CN 0205-2 Replacement Foam Contact Pads

CN 0205-3 Bulk Resistivity Accessory for measuring resistivity 100 x 200mm concrete cylinders

CN 0205-4 Resipod Test Strip to verify performance