Main features
General description

The Reflux Extractor is used for the quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples.

The bitumen content is calculated by difference from the weight of extracted aggregates, moisture content and ash from an aliquot par of the extract.

Two models available: 1 and 4 liters capacity. The extractors have to be used with a suitable hot plate with aluminum disk for better heat distribution

The Reflux Extraction Test Set consist of:

• Cylindrical Glass
• Extractor JarTwo Wire Mesh Cones
• Interlocking Frames
• Water Condenser with Inlet/Outlet Tubes
• Filter Paper, 50pcs.
• Hot Plate
• Iron Wire Gauze

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

AS 0101 Reflux Extractor 1000 gr complete
AS 0102 Reflux Extractor 4000 gr complete


AS 0103 Filter Paper for the 1000 gr model (pack of 50)
AS 0104 Filter Paper for the 4000 gr model (pack of 50)

AS 0105 Replacement glass for the 1000 gr
AS 0106 Replacement glass for the 4000 gr